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The “Formula” For Success



THE “FORMULA” FOR SUCCESS is a motivational presentation which focuses on working in an ethical way and achieving a positive work/life balance. It incorporates subjects such as passion for a specific career, sales skills, effective prospecting, marketing, planning, and creative thinking which can be applied to improve business performance.


  • Do you really want to succeed?
  • Are you ready for success?
  • The “formula” for success
  • Catalyst for the formula
  •  What you choose is what you get
  • The law of cause and effect


     Tran Viet Hung



      Mr Tran Viet Hung, SALT Director, was the speaker of the following THE “FORMULA” FOR SUCCESS:
           • Date: 21/08/2003 
              Location: Thang 8 Theatre, Ha Noi 
              Duration:1.5 hour 
              Number of participants:

          • Date:02/08/2003 
            Location: Tourang Hotel, Da Nang 
            Duration:1.5 hour 
            Number of participants:

         • Date:03/07-04/07/2003 
           Location: Da Nang 
           Duration:1.5 hour 
           Number of participants:

         • Date:05/06-06/06/2003 
            Location: Indoor Stadium Sectoral 7, Ho Chi Minh 
            Duration: 1.5 hour 
            Number of participants: 

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