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Exceptional Interpersonal Counselling


Have you ever got confused when giving your advice or consultancy to you staffs in order to help them look at the problems, find out the solutions and get developed in your organization?

Exceptional Interpersonal Counselling is a detailed training program that helps you best in interpersonal counselling - a process that counsellors help clients to help themselves.



What you get after the course

  • Fully aware of the importance of interpersonal counselling.
  • Understanding the stages and types of interpersonal integration.
  • Well-equiped with skill of body language, listening, art of questioning, motivation Encourager, paraphrase, summary, skills of Integration, reflecting feelings, logical consequence, self-disclosure and feedback.
  • Definition of interpersonal counselling
  • Types interpersonal counselling
  • Stages in a professional interpersonal counseling process
  • Key qualities for a counsellor
  • Skills of body language
  • Art of questioning
  • Skills of listening
  • Encourager, paraphrase, summary
  • Skills of Integration
  • Reflecting feelings
  • Logical consequence, self-disclosure and feedback.


The program is purposely designed for all senior staff and management team
03 days of in-door training consecutively or separate topics due to our customer’s request for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class
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