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Exceptional Customer Service


“Quality service”, “Clients are the boss”, “Above-expectation service” - Every one in every sectors, every industries, every businesses is talking about CUSTOMER SERVICE.
And here is why!     
Delighted customers are more loyal, come more often, spend more money and tell their friends about you.

Angry  customers leave in a hurry, cancel orders, upset your staff and spread negative messages about you.

The exceptional customer service obviously yields out great benefit  and is attracting special attention of all industries. Yet how to make your services exceptional?

Our “Exceptional Customer Service” training course points out clearly what, why and how all members in your organisation need to do. Interactive training method with proven strategies and practical action steps will have direct impact on learners’ thoughts, feelings and actions.



  • Define who are your clients.

  • Internalize the vital role of exceptional service

  • Recognize the common problems in providing customer service

  • Understand aspects involved in customer service

  • Aware of clients’ expectation in using services.

  • Define different levels of clients’ satisfaction

  • Identify all types of customer psychology

  • Improve communication skills

  • Build strategy and practical action steps in dealing with clients’ reactions

  • Manage stress when dealing with tough clients

  • Build positive attitude

  • Plan for self-development



  • Benefits of customers service

  • Levels in customers service

  • Customer service mindset

  • The differences between customers’ thoughts and their feelings

  • Classify customer psychology

  • The Customer-oriented service system for your organisation.

  • CARESS  formula in customer service

  • Effective customer service skills:

    • Telephone Skill in Customer Service

    • Listening Skill in Customer Service

    • Communication Skill in Customer Service

    • Skill to claim customer’s  debt

    • Skill to deal with customer’s inquiries

  • Ways to maintain customer’s satisfaction



  • Front line staff

  • Anyone who deals with your customers



Duration :  2 days

Venue :     Upon client’s requests
                ( Hotel, resort, office….)

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