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Exceptional Sales Management



Sales Department is always considered in the front line that brings turnover to enterprises. Therefore, sales managers must be a talented leaders in all aspects of sales such as sales analysis, planning, budgeting, monitoring sales team to obtain challenging targets. Besides, other skills like marketing, recruiting, training, supervising, motivating and performance appraising are also needed.


Our Exceptional Sales Management training course focuses on helping sales managers consolidating and improving their knowledge and skills to get better results.



After the course participants should:


  • Understand the requirement of a good sales manager
  • Understand the real job of a sales manager
  • Know how to make a sales forecast for your team
  • Master the skill of sales planning and monitoring
  • Master the skill of expense controlling
  • Know how to coach a sales team
  • Know how to motivate and direct sales team
  • Know how to monitor and supervise sales team
  • Know how to conduct a quality performance appraisal.


  • Marketing concepts
  • Role of distribution in Marketing mix
  • What is Sales management?
  • Sales Manager - roles and responsibilities
  • The process of sales management
  • Essential skills in sale management:

+ Sales forecasting and expenses controlling

+ Sales planning and monitoring

     + Coaching, monitoring, supervising sales staffs

+ Evaluating and directing performance of sales staffs.



Managers or Supervisors in Sales


Duration: 2 days

Venue: Upon client’s request ( Hotel, Resort, Office…)

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