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Exceptional Change Management


We all know that support, consensus, and commitment of staff plays a vital role in the success of any new strategy implementation in organizations.

We also see many good policies and projects come to deadlock or even break down due to the ignorance and half-heartedly working of staff.

And here is the reason: Project leaders did not understand the mental and emotion development to change of staff and did not apply suitable methods of change management in implementing new strategies or policies.

Our Exceptional Change Management is a very good tool for managers to apply and manage changes in every aspects.


The nature of change

·  Common reaction from staff to new policies or changes of organizations

·  Common mistakes of managers in implementing new policies or changes

·  Practical steps for implementing changes in your organization

·  Needed skills for the success of change implementation

·  Practice: Building a change process for a real issue of your organization.

Duration: 2 days

Venue: Upon client’s request (Hotel, resort, office…)
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