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Models of Exceptional Recruitment



Models of Exceptional Recruitment - MER is the very first training program on recruitment for all agents who is supposed to be an agency leader. With this 2 day course, they will have a full and clear understanding of an agency leader’s roles, responsibilities and especially apply all recruitment process and techniques to recruit and select the right prospective agents from the very start. 



After the course, all learners are fully aware & apply:

·         Right thinking about the roles and responsibilities of an agency leader in the business.

·         Fully aware of their roles & focus on recruitment, selection and attraction process.

·         Know how to build an agency profile and search prospective agency sources.

·         How to approach prospective agents and use interest arousing strategy effectively.

·         Know how to do a career opportunity presentation professionally.

·         How to handle common recruitment objections and procedures to attract them to the initial training course.

·         Know what and how to train and support newly recruited agents in the 1st 90 days.




  • ·         Differences between agent’s and agency leader’s roles and responsibilities.

    ·         Responsibilities and challenges as an agency leader.

    ·         Annual business plan process.

    ·         Recruitment process – Searching, Approaching, Presentation, Persuation and after training support.

    ·         Building an agency profile.

    ·         Interest arousing strategy.

    ·         Initial evaluation.

    ·         Career opportunity presentation.

    ·         How to handle common recruitment objections from prospective agents.

    ·         Follow-up strategies in the 1st 90 day care program.



This training program is purposely designed for all agents whom are supposed to be developed to an agency leader’s career.



2 days of in-door training consecutively for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class
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