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The Winners Take It All



      THE WINNERS TAKE IT ALL is a motivation seminar for sales people to smash the mental blocks and achieving any goal in life.



  • The winners take it all

                 o It is crucial to be the best
                 o Learn the secret of winning 

  • How to become a top sales professional

                  o Mental readiness
                           Unleash the power of your unconscious mind
                           Break free of your limitations
                           Design your destiny through goal setting
                           Manage your emotions and maintain a state of peak performance
                 o Emotional readiness
                           Passion for your career
                           Understand and believe in your products
                  o Physical readiness
                           Practice daily
                           Creating wealth by taking action 

  • Wrap up

                 o Get rid of negative beliefs
                 o Conquer your fear (Bending rib-bar ceremony)


        Tran Viet Hung



         Mr Tran Viet Hung, SALT Director, was the speaker of the following THE WINNERS TAKE IT ALL:


  • Date:28/03/2003

          Location: Rome
          Duration: 3 hours
          Number of participants: 500

  • Date: 06/04/2004 and 07/04/2004

          Location: Indoor Stadium of Military Number 7, Ho Chi Minh
          Duration:  2 hours
          Number of participants: 4.000

  • Date: 09/04/2004

           Location: Trung Vuong Theatre, Da Nang
           Duration: 2 hours
           Number of participants: 800

  • Date: 12/04/2004

           Location:  Viet Tiep Culture Palace, Hai Phong.
           Duration:  2 hours
           Number of participants: 1.200

  • Date: 13/04/2004

           Location: Cau Giay Dictrict Indoor Stadium, Ha Noi
           Duration: 2 hours
           Number of participants: 2.300

  • Date: 14/04/2004

          Location: Fair & Exhibition Centre, Can Tho.
          Duration: 2 hours
          Number of participants: 900

  • Date: 21/04/2004

          Location: Culture Palace, Vinh
          Duration: 2 hours
          Number of participants: 630

  • Date: 23/04/2004

          Location: Cuture Palace, Nha Trang 
          Duration: 2 hours
          Number of participants: 850

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