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Attract Your Luck



    Why some people seem getting all the luck in this world? Are they always present in the right place, at the right time and blessed by their fairy godmother? Why            they always meet or exceed all targets and won this contest prize or that career award? In short, were they born under a lucky star? What could explain for this? Are      they different or what they do differently from us, or luckiness deliberately falls into their hands?
     Except for lucky draw which is often considered dumb luck, researches reveal that LUCKY and SUCCESSFUL people possess common attributes. They know the      secret of attracting lucks to them.


Following are the key “secrets” to attract lucks to your life:



  • Your perception of 3 life forces - Fate, Environment, Effort shapes you as a Passive, Reactive or Proactive person in everything you do.
  • Testing: what is your dominant life style when facing challenges at work?
  • Know-how of goal setting for success.


  • What is positive attitude?
  • Techniques to maintain positive attitude in every situation.


  • Are you ready to pay the price for your success?
  • When you are ready the master will appear (SALT will stdudy and persuasively conduct a working skill to help participants be more productive at work).

4. Building the BURNING DESIRE for what you want

  • The reason why some people strive till achieving their goals while others give up their hopes
  • The model of Stick Person and how to internalize goals from Conscious Mind to Sub-conscious Mind to condition for your long term success.

OPPORTUNITIES disguise under the name of LUCK will find its way to the person with POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and BURNING DESIRE for achieving their goals who also is well PREPARED and PROACTIVE in looking for opportunities.

                                                               “Luck is the RESULT of
                                            well PREPARED meeting OPPORTUNITIES


    Tran Viet Hung


       Following are those ATTRACT YOUR LUCK programs which have been conducted successfully:
                 •    Date: 26/6/2009 
                       Location: Vietnam News Agency, Ho Chi Minh city
                       Client: American International Assurance Company (Vietnam) Limited


                  •    Date: 15/12/2007 
                        Location: The Youth Cultural Palace, Hanoi
                        Client: Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd 

                   •    Date: 11/8/2007 
                        Location: Hoi An Beach Resort, Hoi An – Quang Nam
                        Client: Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam

                   •    Date: 1/2/2007 
                         Location: Sheraton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh city
                         Client: Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd
                         Number of participants: 1,200

                   •    Date: 30/1/2007 
                        Location: The National Convention Center, Hanoi
                        Client: Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd
                        Number of participants: 1,000

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