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MEM Workshop 1


Effective Recruitment & Supervision Workshop is the 2 day course for all those who completed Models of Exceptional Management (MEM) from 3-6 months. The objective of this program is to increase the rate of MEM application up to 80-90% in their daily work to double or triple their income from management job.



After the course, all learners are fully aware & apply:

  • Fully practice and apply all techniques in the interest arousing strategy when doing the recruitment.
  • Help agency leaders to effectively use the tool Sunday Punch.
  • How to do career opportunity presentation professionally.
  • Apply effectively all forms in searching, evaluating and attracting processes.
  • Effectively handle all common recruitment objections.
  • How to organize effectively and persuasively a career opportunity seminar for prospective agents.
  • Apply effectively all teachniques in holding a monthly unit/ district meeting and weekly 1-2-1 meeting.
  • Apply effectively all forms in monitoring and measuring effectively.
  • How to effectively organize a Group Prsentation in-bound, out-bound with FYP of from 100-150 millionVND/GP and VIP client seminar to increase sales averagely from 800 million to 1.5 billion VND of FYP when needed.


·         Sharing on how to apply effectively “Interest arousing strategy” and Sunday Punch in reality

·         Career opportunity presentation in a professional way (Role-play)

·         Forms in searching, evaluating and attracting processes

·        Recruitement process questions in searching, evaluating and attracting steps

·         Handling common objections in recruitment (Role-play)

·         Career opportunity presentation seminar – Recruitment seminar

·         Sharing on how to do monthly unit meeting, weekly 1-2-1 meeting

·         Forms in monitoring and measuring

·         Group presentation (GP) and Client seminar organization



This training program is purposely designed for all agency leaders, unit managers or sales manager in the life insurance industry who completed the course of MEM from 3-6 months.



2 days of in-door training consecutively for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class
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