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Models of Management & Development


Models of Management & Development - MMD will provide you with sound management philosophies that will help you in the key marketing role you play in the industry.  This program will present concepts and the "how-to" information in five key management areas:

  • Selecting your agency leaders and assistant agency leaders

  • Planning for desired results

  • Developing your agency leaders

  • Making effective contact with your agency leaders

  • Growing yourself professionally

Most of all, keep in mind that managing and leading are decision-making.  It’s deciding what needs to be done and then finding the way to get it done.


  • The overriding objective of the program is to help you become more effective and confident in your leadership role. It will do this by providing you with information and strategies that are both practical and proven.

  • The development of this program is based upon two basic assumptions:

                 ° First, you want to do better as a regional manager.

                 ° Second, you want to be better and more effective as a human being involved in molding the lives of your associates.


The program is designed with 6 modules:
Module 1: Roles & Responsibilities of a regional manager (0.5 day)

  • Roles of a regional manager.

  • Requirements & demands of a regional manager.

  • Job overview.

  • Regional culture building thru vision, mission and philosophies that wins.

  • Your leadership styles.

  • POAC management process.

Module 2: Selecting agency leaders (0.5 day)

  • 6 common denominators to focus when selecting your agency leaders for future development.

  • Your agency leaders’ profile.

  • Successful model of a sales region.

  • Planning – The key to success.

  • 17 management skills evaluation.

Module 3: Planning for desired results (0.5 day)

  • Importance of planning.

  • Planning process.

  • Inspiring your operational plan.

  • Be a STAR leader – how to have a strong region?

Module 4: Developing your agency leaders (0.5 day)

  • Help them build unit/ branch or district culture thru vision, mission and philosophies that win.

  • Help your agency leaders to become better recruiters.

  • Help your agency leaders to become better trainers.

  • Help your agency leaders to monitor and measure effectively.

  • Help your agency leaders to talk like winners.

Module 5: Making effective contact with your agency leaders (0.5 day)

  • The winning edge.

  • Prescription for productivity.

  • Power to develop – Position power or personal power with those you don’t pay fixed salary?

  • Keep them sold on 3 Ps: Production growth, Producer development and Profitable operations.

  • Management thoughts to build on.

  • How to motivate your agency leaders?

Module 6: Growing yourself professionally (0.5 day)

  • How to manage your time intelligently?

  • Think creatively.

  • How to develop your communication skills.

  • Cope with STRESS

  • Stay physically fit.

  • Spend time with your family.

  • Scale the ladder of your success.

  • How to devlop staying power.


This training program is purposely designed for all regional sales manager, regional agency development in the trading industry.


3 days of in-door training consecutively for ideal fom 20-45 pax/ class

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