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The Art of Leadership


Your role as a leader is critical to the growth and development of your organizations and the success of those individuals who comprise these organizations.
The Art of Management & Leadership will provide you with sound management & leadership philosophies that will help you in the key marketing role you play. This program will present concepts, the "how-to" information, traditional & modern principles in both the so-called areas: “science and art”. The development of this program is based upon two basic assumptions:
•       First, you want to do better as a manager & a leader.
•   Second, you want to be better and more effective as a human being involved in molding the lives of your associates.

This program is designed to help you accomplish these two aims.   


What you get after the course:  

  • Right thinking about the management and leadership roles and responsibilities in your organizations.
  • Full understanding on management knowledge and skills in building organization culture and management processes & systems.
  • How to effectively set up the vision, mission and philosophies that win for your organization.
  • Enhance operation planning in order to achieve all desired results.
  • Fully aware of all management styles and apply suitable style for each stage in management.
  • Apply effectively the staff recruitment process.
  • Apply effectively the education, training and supervision processes to increase the staff’s quality of work.
  • Apply effectively the motivation and on the job training processes in order to enhance your staff’s skills.
  • Know how to effectively & successfully organize a meeting, seminar or even conference.
  • Fully aware of leadership principles.
  • How to effectively apply two main areas in management & leadership – the good combination of science and art.


  • 03 factors for an organization.
  • Roles and responsibilities of a manager and leader in an organization.
  • Organization culture thru building Vision, Mission, Objective and Philosophies that win.
  • Management styles: Management By Process (MBP), Management By Objective (MBO) & Management By Values (MBV)
  • Challenges in management.
  • Success formula in your management.
  • Management responsibilities.
  • Management job overview.
  • How to set up a strong system?
  • How to effectively hold a successful meeting?
  • Professionalism in management.
  • Leadership concept and overview.
  • Rules of a leader.
  • Six common denominators in management & leadership.
  • When to effectively stress on management (science) or leadership (art)?
  • Secrets to be a successful manager and leader.


The program is purposely designed for middle and upper management levels


03 days of in-door training consecutively or separate topics due to our customer’s request for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class


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