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Professional Presentation Skill


  • Is your job involved in making presentation, speeches, motivatuion talk, experience or skills sharing or even public speaking?
  • Have you ever felt nervous or even tense when doing this kind of work in front of the crowd or big audience?
  • Do you really want to win audiences’ heart in the 1st 30 seconds since you stand on the stage for your presentation?
  • Do you really want to get all your audience inspired after each of your presentation?

Let’s enjoy our special training course called Professional Presentation Skills to become the ever in demand speaker or presenter.


What you get after the course:  

  • Fully aware of basic principles when doing a presentation, sharing or motivational talk.
  • Know how to effectively & convincingly build a presentation.
  • Apply effectively all tips to win listeners’ heart in the very 1st 30 seconds on the stage.
  • Enhance the presentation, sharing or motivational talk skills.
  • Apply effectively tips of solving all trouble shootings when being on stage.
  • To become a professional & the most in demand speaker.


  • Concepts of presentation.
  • Types of presentation.
  • Process to build a professional presentation session.
  • Process of preparation, implementation and evaluation the effectiveness of a presentation, sharing or motivational talk in public.
  • EEffective principles when doing a good presentation.
  • Listeners and audience’s psychology – How to win people’s heart in the very first 30 seconds.
  • “Fish philosophy” applied effectively in your presentation, sharing or motivational talk.
  • Effective usage of all training aids.
  • Tips to be more effective & professional in any single training session.
  • Trouble shootings.


The training program is designed to upgrade the professionalism of all trainers, management team or senior staff who are usually involved in presentation, sharing or talking in front of public.


02 days of in-door training consecutively or separate topics due to our customer’s request for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class

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