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Strategic Thinking Workshop - STW


“Why staff are not dedicated to assigned jobs?”

The answer is in the word “assigned”.

If everyone has the chance to be involved in the development of their department’s action plans and voluntarily take charge of their role in the departmental big picture, they will do their best to accomplish and deliver exceptional results.

STW is a three day workshop to create or consolidate the operating systems of each department in an organization in order to work more efficiently.

Attend to make a difference.


After the course you should:

  • Crystalize the position, roles, and tasks of you and your department to contribute to the success of your organisation;
  • Know your responsibility and commit to decisions made in the workshop;

Benefits for organisations:

  • Smashing the barriers among staff;
  • Enhance staff accountability and creativity in tasks volunterly in charge;
  • Help strengthen departmental structure, focus on key areas, define critical issues, and bring out new directions with consensus of team members.


Part 1: Introduction

  • This reinforces the importance of mind power, team power and characteristics of a strong organisation.
  • This also set up a common language for the next days of smashing the barriers.

Part 2: STW reports

  • This workshop help participants to define and answer fundamental questions for organisational success such as: what business are they really in, what is their common vision, what are their key areas of excellence and critical issues. It also facilitates participants to set organisational 5 years goals and define course change as well as planining and action model on creating new directions.

Part 3: Handouts

  • These are well structured formats to facilitate focus group discussions and apply for current works.


This course is a good combination of indoor lectures and outdoor activities to bring out a profound and effective change in participants’ life and work.

Applied methodologies in the activities and lectures are focusing on participants’ awareness to enhance participants’ initiatives in thoughts and actions.

Before attending, participants shall be encouraged to find out their problems or problems arised in their corporates through Training Analysis Report and the preparation paperworks for the courses. In the lectures and activities, with the helps of facilitators, participants shall study themselves by sharing, interacting with others through activities as discussion, play role, games, etc. Activities and lectures shall be tailored made to address the requirements of organisation and ensure participation of all participants. More importantly, at the end of the course, participants shall build their own action plan for future changes.


The course is suitable for management positions and key staff


Duration: 3 days

Location: Resort, out of city

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