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Time Management Skill



·         Why do we often heard: “I don’t have enough time” and also “I have too much time for doing nothing”?

·         With the same 24 hours a day granted by God, why some people are rich and the others are poor?

Too much or too little time is not good at all. Why? The Effective Time Management is the best answer for your concerns. This how-to training program focuses on utilizing your time to the utmost and getting balance for your life.



  • Advantages of effective time management
  • Time barriers – Best suggestions for effective management
  • Format system in effective time management
  • First things first
  • Tools for setting priorities in planning
  • 80/20 principle in time management
  • Monthly, weekly and daily action plan
  • Six step in effective time management.


The program is purposely designed for middle and upper management levels



02 days of in-door training consecutively or separate topics due to specific client’s request.

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