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Models of Exceptional Management


On a fine morning, your director came in with an announcement: “You are the new manager of your department because of your contribution to the company”. Wow! When all the excitement subsided, you suddenly realised that you were not prepared for the new position.

In fact, this is still a common method of “promotion”. Organisations not only fail to find a capable new manager but may also put a good employee who was highly appreciated by colleagues into a stressful situation or even force him to resign because he was unprepared.

Every professional manager makes his efforts to tend to perfection in management. He always try to find out the best way to fulfill his jobs. In spite of having much experiences and rewards, professional managers wish to seek for “better solutions” for his problems of management to reach a exceptional fruits.

No matter what level of experience you have in management, you will find useful practice in each module of MEM. All five modules provide excellent guidelines for your leadership career.

Models of Exceptional Management is a how-to, self-study training program designed to provide you with information and ideas which deal with the essential elements of management. It develops the philosophies, principles and procedures which you can put to use in developing your effectiveness.

Models of Exceptional Managementis a practice combination between the traditional principles of management and modern professional pattern of management currently applied successfully in multi-national corporation worldwide.  

If you commit yourself to be an exceptional professional manager and tend to be effective management Models of Exceptional Management is for you.


After course, learners shall

  • Master and apply well the principles in exceptional management;

  • Understand the methods and skills of effective controls of works and staff;

  • Think and build skills of planning short, medium and long term strategies; create tools for staff commitments and assessments;

  • Attract and recruit staff in each specific job; Select ways of control for each staff to optimize the work completion.

  • Manage time efficiently and effectively;

  • Apply professional methods in staff training and support;

  • Use flexible motivation skills and know how to inspire up staff;

Benefits for organisations: Organisations shall

  • Build a professional and efficient system of management;

  • Achieve management levels having common visions and a modern thought of management ;

  • Unite methods, thoughts and skills of management of work and staff;

  • Create a professional working environment with clear objectives.


Module 1: Professional Thinking and Planning

Main contents

  • This module provides you with information relative to your management position -- its responsibilities and expectations.

  • This module challenges you to maximize your personal development through a positive learning experience. Additionally, it disciplines you to plan your organization’s growth and develop your operational philosophies, principles, practices and procedures.

Module 2: Professional Recruiting and Selecting

Main contents

  • This module acquaints you with a proven process for selecting and attracting an adequate number of high potential Agents each year.

  • This module will cause you to recognize the direct relationship between recruiting and production. It will build your effectiveness in the probing interview and your persuasiveness in the presentation step.

Module 3: Professional Educating and Training

Main contents

  • In this module, you learn to distinguish between educating and training Agents. You become acquainted with proven development programs and procedures.

  • This module assists you in building your confidence in the Agent development process. You’ll examine resources for educating Agents. You’ll improve your effectiveness in building attitudes and teaching sales strategies.

Module 4: Professional Monitoring and Measuring

Main contents

  • In this module you’ll become acquainted with the triangular approach for managing production. You’ll discover the positive impact monitoring and measuring has on Agent productivity, retention and development.

  • After completing this module, you will be more effective in setting goals and gaining responsible commitments. You will be better prepared to produce monthly forecasts and weekly performance reviews. You can expect to have a greater confidence in your ability to monitor activities and measure results.

Module 5: Professional Motivating and Leading

Main contents

  • In this module you’ll examine the ways in which the exceptional manager motivates and leads.

  • You’ll revisit Maslow and learn about the modern-day application of the "hierarchy of needs" theory. You will learn how to develop the seven motivational dimensions.You will improve your effectiveness as a relationship-builder and a manager of time.

Course’s summary

  • Summary

  • Action plan


This course is a good combination of indoor lectures and outdoor activities to bring out a profound and effective change in participants’ management and leadership.

Applied methodologies in the activities and lectures are sharing, interacting with others through activities as discussion, play role, games, etc.

Before attending, participants shall be encouraged to find out their problems or problems arised in their corporates through Training Analysis Report and the preparation paperworks for the courses.  Activities and lectures shall be tailored made to address the requirements of organisation and ensure participation of all participants. At the end of the course, participants shall build their own action plan for future changes.


A Comprehensive Learning Experience for managers, team leaders of all levels.


Duration: 3 day (8h – 17h)

Location: Training room as required by clients

The course is divided into units called modules. Each module deals with a specific topic as it relates to your management and leadership success.

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