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Models of Exceptional Management - MEM


Models of Exceptional Management - MEM is the management & leadership program that is best used for trading business in Vietnamese market, especially for all agency leaders who wish to build a strong team with with annual higher & higher production thru producers’ development vertically & horizontally with profitable operations. This is the course of practical case-studies combined with all scientific management principles that are practically used successfully in both world-wide and nation-wide.


  • After the course, all learners are fully aware & apply:
  • Right thinking about the roles and responsibilities of an agency leader in the business.
  • Fully aware of their roles & focus on 3 Ps - Production growth thru Producer’s development with Profitable operations.
  • Build unit, branch culture and set up systems, procedures in unit management.
  • Prepare annual business planning with new recruits, active agents, case-size and persistency in order to achieve all targets;
  • Recruitment and selection process: Searching, evaluating & attracting talents for vertical and horizontal growth.
  • Education & training process of an agency leader for their newly recruited agents for early success;
  • Monitoring & evaluating as well as motivating process for agents;
  • How to effectively conduct monthly unit/ branch meeting and weekly 1-2-1 meeting with agents;
  • Make the difference when applying all models of exceptional management in their real life business.


The program is designed basing on 4 modules. Each module will cover some professional models in management and leadership of an agency leader. With these 4 modules, we equip your agency leaders with full models of exceptional management to achieve production growth annually thru producer’s development both vertically & horizontally with profitable operations.
Module 1: Thinking & Managing (01 day)

  • The job of an agency leader – to WIN 3 Ps.
  • An agency leader’s profile.
  • Main responsibilities of an agency leader.
  • Challenges in agency management – The rule 20-60-20.
  • Five year plan - annual business plan.
  • Management methods: Management by Process (MBP), Management by Objective (MBO) & Management by Values (MBV)
  • How to build a strong agency team?

Module 2: Selecting & Maintaining (01 day)

  • The most important job.
  • Recruiting basics.
  • The rule 80/20 for an agency leader.
  • Recruitment process.
  • Agents’ selection profile – Searching sources
  • Searching for high potential prospective agents.
  • Interest arousing strategy from prospective candidates.
  • Techniques to evaluate prospective candidates.
  • Techniques to attract talents to your team – Sunday Punch tool.
  • Reservoir list – How to attract VIP candidates to your team.

Module 3: Training & Developing (0.5 day)

  • Principles in developing newly recruited agents.
  • Education & training process for an agency leader.
  • Join field work (JFW) model.
  • Things to be done in the 1st 30, 60 and 90 days for a newly recruited agents.
  • Formula to build trust for your agents.

Module 4: Monitoring & Directing (0.5 day)

  • Monitoring principles.
  • Production triangle.
  • Monitoring process.
  • How to conduct a monthly meeting effectively?
  • How to conduct a 1-2-1 weekly with your agents effectively & persuasively?
  • MEA formula in monitoring & evaluating.
  • Time allocation for each level of management.


This training program is purposely designed for all agency leaders, unit managers or sales manager in the trading industry.


3 days of in-door training consecutively for ideal from 20-45 pax/ class

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